7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module - Help with import


Hi Team


I am really struggling to do the import for task 7.2.3 Level 1 MB. I get a successful import log but then when I look at the grid, no codes are populated and there are totals for commissions etc which is not aligned to the example model.


Please can you confirm that my source to target mappings are correct and also was I meant custom map the start and leave dates as per the below?


How am I meant to map 'Active?'.


I have attaempted to reimport a number of times as got a few error logs. When I reimport - which should I pick from "Which target items to clear prior to import?"?


Also, if I get an error log, how do I fix the mappings and redo without reimporting the file each time?


Finally, for questions like these, is this the correct place to raise them?


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  • Hi @SilviaDF ,


    Based on your module's screenshot, I think you have done most of the things right.  Here are answers to your questions.

    - You do not see commission % for each employee but there is total for All Departments because you need to format the commission as number with percentage units.  It currently shows zero because the number is too small (smaller than 1).


    - You have already used Code column in the source file in the Mapping tab of the action, so it cannot be used again to load the Code line item in the module.  What you can do is to write a formula for it by using CODE and ITEM functions


    - Anaplan allows source file to use different date formats.  You are right to custom map the date line items.


    - I am not sure about the Active? column in the source file.  It might be used to create an employee subset in another activity for another action.


    - You only need to upload the file to Anaplan once.  If the action that does not load the data correctly, what you can do is go to Actions pane, find and edit the action i.e re-map, and run it again


    - Please review this link for more details on clearing target module



    You can always raise your questions in this forum.




  • Super! Thank you
  • jdatz86

    I am also struggling with this concept. I have followed the solution to the best of my ability but cannot quite get to 100% satisfaction. 


    I cannot get the name to populate. 

    I cannot get the country to populate. 


    Thank you for any help



  • Having exact same issue, let me know if solution was provided for this.

    I cannot get the name to populate. 

    I cannot get the country to populate.