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Hello Community!! I have created a Custom Version list (v1, v2 and v3). I have a module with  Accounts list and Versions list applied and a Active boolean line item which have few Accounts as true in V1 and few other Accounts as true in V2 and like vise for v3. We have another line item which is All Active which should show as TRUE in V1 for all the Accounts which are set to TRUE in v1,v2 and v3 in Active line item. But I don't want to use Select for this. Any recommendations. Thanks is advance. 



  • Hi,

    Assuming the All Active line item is not dimensioned by Version:
    1. Set the summary of the Active line item to ANY (in the blueprint view)
    2. Make sure there is a top level in your custom version list (Ex: All versions)
    3. Just refer the Active line item in the All Active Line item

    Let me know if this works


  • @ShekharGite 


    1. Create a dimensionless module and insert as many line items as versions

    2. Format the line item to Custom Versions and Select versions.

    3. Use LOOKUP on these line items.


    This should work but it needs maintenance. See if @anirudh  solution work for you. I think it will if you have Top Level for custom versions.



  • Thank you @anirudh and @Misbah . I already tried these two solutions but ANY will need a top level item and the Lookup will require maintenance. The reason for not using SELECT was to avoid maintenance.  

  • Also I want to keep All Active line item as dimension ed by Version as I want to change it dynamically from the dashboard.

  • Any reason you want to avoid top level?

    The only other way I can think of is to import the checkbox from all three versions into the All Active line item. Create saved views for each version and filter to only the checked members and import each saved view into the line item

    But then the data is not live and users might have to click some kind of submit or update button

  • I am okay with having the Top level item but let me explain the whole scenario : I will be selecting a Active Version from dashboard and suppose I have selected v1 then The All active line item should have all the Accounts as TRUE in the v1 version only based on my selection on the dashboard. So the ANY will not work from me as it has to be dynamic and not only the Top level item. I hope I made some sense.