Workflow and Dynamic Cell Access




I would like to set up process control for forecast planning. For example, after operating unit users submit operating units' report, they can not edit any more. Then division users review and edit the operating units' report and then submit total divisions' report. And division users and group users can see the reporting status of all units. I first investigated dynamic cell access and thought they can check a box to submit the figures which will trigger read access only for the individuals. But the workflow function to operating unit list seems to be solution to this as well. Any suggestion on this? 






  • Hi Xin,

    In my experience dynamic cell access is superior to workflow as:
    1. Access controlled at cell level and not list level, so it is much more granular
    2. DCA works based on formulas. These formulas can also be used to give immediate feedback on which processes are complete and which ones are not. Completion metrics are much easier to work with and display with DCA than they are with workflow
    3. Avoid selective access complications with lists

    Hope this was helpful

  • @xin 

    Yes, yes, yes. Agree 100% with @anirudh 

    DCA is awesome for that use case. Here's an example of a New UX dashboard that has a progress bar for an export process.

    Once the process starts, the user can no longer "restart" the process until the last step is completed. Once the last step is completed it opens up the boolean for editability. This is all controlled with DCA.