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End users do not have access right to import data to a module that they can edit. The module contain a selective access list. What can be the reason and how can I fix it?



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  • anirudh
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    So the way it works is:

    1. The WSA creates an import action for the very first time using a template
    2. Anaplan saves the import action (the mappings to the module) as well as the file template (csv, txt etc.) used to create the mapping
    3. This template should be shared with users and they can upload data using only this template
    4. WSA publishes the action to the dashboard and provides access to the users who need to run the action
    5. Users fill in the data into the template and upload it using the action

    Letting users upload their own files and formats is not a good solution as they will need to be granted WSA rights. And even then, module mappings in Anaplan are not end user friendly and users will have a tough time making sure their data uploads correctly

    Hope that was of some help!


  • Hi Xin,

    What is the error that end users are receiving

  • @xin 

    @anirudh asked the first question that came to my mind also.

    As a guess, make sure the role has write access to the list, module, and the import action that they can't seem to use. I'm guessing it's a security issue but seeing the error, or a screenshot of what your user sees would be helpful. 

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  • Hi  @JaredDolich @anirudh ,


    It shows that they do not have the access to the import function when they click Data - Import. I will ask end users for error screenshot.

    It is for example a volume table. End users enter volume data for their own operating units. So they have write access to the volume module (volume as line item), selective access to the operating unit list. Should I assign them write access for the operating unit list as well? There is no specific import action set. Some of them would like to import data from excel with their own excel file. Can they set up their import action?




  • Hi Xin,

    Go over to the Users -> Roles ->Actions and click the checkbox against the role for users who need to access the import

  • Hi @anirudh 

    But I need to set up an import action first and then assign access rights to them. I thought end user can import from excel to any module that they have access to (I do not need to set that up beforehand)... Once they have access to an import action, can they upload any files and run the import action? Or the import data source can only be uploaded/edited by workspace administrator? 




  • @xin 

    Great. I think we're getting closer.

    If the button is disabled then it's probably a security issue. If the button executes a process, it could be one of the actions in the process. All it takes is one action to disable the whole process.

    You can change the security here (see below). Note you cannot enable a "process" so you'll have to look inside the process to see which actions are needed to export that data. Then click on the appropriate action in the roles--> actions form to enable the process.


  • Thank you! It is of great help and very clear.
  • A follow up question about import action.

    Some of the end users use dot as decimal point and the rest use comma as decimal point. Do I need to set up two separate import actions for them?

  • Hi xin,

    Yes, that's right.