Lesson 6: Module Creation - Drop Down Added


I'm currently on Lesson 7 and have just created all my modules.  When I open up module, it doesn't look like the completed training  (I've included a screenshot).  In my modules, the first main page has zero information but there's a drop down at the top so I can pull up a specific item.  In the completed training, it doesn't show any drop down.  Did I do something wrong?


  • Hello @sshunter77 ,

    The difference what you are seeing between yours vs original  screenshot is all about "VIEW" , we can always change the module view by playing with Pivot feature . 

    In your case just change  regions  into rows from page selectors .


    Pls find the attached images FYI.








  • So I did as you advised and it works at first but as soon as I exit that module and go back in, the switch doesn't save.  So it will appear to change but once you leave the module, it reverts back to the original - see attached.

  • Hi ,
    If we change the default view ( using pivot ) or any changes we need to save the respective view using " save as" feature .

    Any further changes on the saved view can be saved just by using "save" .
    Note : when you are saving any view we always have options like save as default view also.