Order Issue when importing to a numbered list from a HUB module


Dear Community,


Background: I have an attribute module in the HUB to manage a list (non-numbered). Further, I've built a process to build (by importing) the list in the spoke model as a numbered list.  A numbered list is required in the spoke model because it is the lowest level of a hierarchy with duplicated names. 


Issue: I inserted a new item to the list in the HUB on the third line, ran the import action in the spoke model, then I found that the new item showed up at the bottom of the numbered list in the spoke model. 


Question: What I can do to have the new item show up also on the third line in the spoke model, similar to the list in the HUB?


Thanks very much for your help. 





Best Answer

  • JaredDolich

    Hi Lily,

    This is a very, very common question actually which goes beyond imports into a list. It also is a challenge to order list items in general, e.g. how to alphabetize list items.

    Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way through an import action from the DH to the spoke that will insert the list item in the same place as the DH (done manually) unless you're willing to rebuild the structured hierarchy in the spoke application. This would require a delete and insert of the parent branch. The danger of doing this is twofold. You'll lose any entered data associated with those list items and you run the risk of performance issues since it is very inefficient to delete and insert.

    One idea you might try, and I admit this is very manual, is to use the "reorder" function in the spoke application and move the list item to the position you want. Not very elegant and not a long term solution but it will get the job done.

    Anyway, just some thoughts.