Anaplan Academy Wins Brandon-Hall Award!


2Academy-Landing.pngAnaplan Academy is excited to share that we have won a Bronze Brandon-Hall Excellence Award in the category of Best Advance in Custom Content! Brandon Hall Group is a research and analyst firm and the premier thought-leader in learning and development, human resources, performance management, etc.

Brandon-Hall Award 2020.pngThe award recognizes Anaplan as an innovator in how we teach model building and the methodologies we use to bring training to life.

While most people in the Anaplan Community are more concerned with the intricacies of model building, it’s worth saying a few things about the approach Anaplan takes to training Certified Model Builders, Solution Architects, and Master Anaplanners.

All of our training is learner-centered. That means that we have used the best techniques based on cognitive sciences to teach new skills. We strive for the “3 M’s” in our approach so that learning is:

  1. Meaningful: It is true-to-life so that you relate to it and realize that it is applicable in your work.
  2. Memorable: With “spaced repetition” and other methodologies, we reinforce concepts and skills so that you remember what you’ve learned and can apply new skills appropriately.
  3. Motivational: It inspires you to take action and be successful.

To the established 3 M’s, we have added a fourth: Measurable. All of our learning includes assessments to measure knowledge transfer and skill attainment. Test results are available to learners immediately upon completion and include an optional certificate of completion that can be posted to LinkedIn or shared in other social media.

The structure of our on-demand training is learner-centered, too. We teach through a story about the Unicorn Candy Company to provide context. As you learn to use Anaplan to solve problems for the fictional company, you are guided by micro-lessons that teach you the skills you need. You can stop and start the training at any time and work through lessons at your own pace.

We invite you to see what all the fuss is about and start—or finish—your journey to being a Certified Model Builder. To access our award-winning free training on demand, go to To register and submit payment for in-person or virtual instructor-led training go to Academy at Anaplan Community.

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  • @lrening 

    Thanks for sharing this. L1 certainly deserves this award which means the silver and gold level awards must be something to behold. I just can't imagine the training being much better than L1 - especially now with the New UX and the consistency of train the trainer virtual. Two things I would add to your "M" list is "Manageable" since it is self-paced and "Meticulous" for how the course tends to come to the same conclusion for everyone no matter what path they take. L3 is good example of meticulous. While the journey is completely in the hands of the learner, the course is still linear and we all end up with the same results at the end. Only a well thought out course, meticulously designed, could achieve this.