lines disapear from a dashboard


Sometimes published grids on a dashboard do not show the entire grid. As you can see in the screenshot below, the third line "Personeelskosten" at the last item of the grid is not shown. In the dashboard settings the percentage of Height are set at 499 and a minimum of -1 px. 



When the percentage of Height is set at 50 the third line "Personeelskosten" at the last item of the grid is shown, but then you have to scroll down in the grid and that is almost as worse for the end users.


Does someone know wich settings to use to display the complete grid without having vertical scrollbar at the left of the grid?



  • Hi,


    Have you tried this setting


    Set the % to 100 and the pixels to -1 for both height and width




  • @alber818 


    This was one of my most frustrating issues with classical dashboard.
    I found that if you change the zoom of your screen (CTRL+ or CTRL- on PCs) you get the grid to show without truncation.

    I tried to find a more sustainable solution-especially when the customer is using a different resolution or a different monitor size- with no luck
    Setting the height and/or width % to something high like you did helps. 

    Eliminating this manual adjustments to classic dashboard elements is one of the best outcomes of the NUX.