Difference between Calendar Type options - "Weeks"



Context :

In Model Calender, Calender Types reflects 3 different options like

a) Weeks: 4-4-5, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4

b) Weeks: General

c) Weeks: 13 4-week periods


In exl there is "weeknum" to interpret the week number in a given date. 


Appreciate a clarification on different week formats provided by default.






  • Hello @augustus.perera ,


    Great question.


    It is explained well here in Anapedia


    Countries / Companies have several ways, standards and traditions, to report data in week, month, quarter and year.


    For someone, calendar month and quarter is good.


    For someone, they report by 4-4-5 quarters (4 weeks in the first month, 4 weeks in second and 5 weeks in the third). Typically every quarter will have 13 weeks. An year is not exactly 52 weeks, to compensate this you have a 14 week quarter once in every 5 or 6 years. Once you configure data by weeks, reporting it by calendar month needs additional effort. 4-4-5 fiscal month and calendar (Gregorian) month is not same.


    General week is simply weeks without rolling upto quarters and months. You can map the general week to a custom quarter as defined by business. Only in general week, you have a model calendar that is less than a year. In all other options, you can add time to your model calendar in multiple of years only.


    Based on requirements, the solution architect has to evaluate and choose the right setting for the model.








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    I have another question in level 1 model building appreciate if you can assist me on it as well.


  • Sure, let me know your question or give me the link if you had already asked in Level 1 forum




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  • Hi


    Thanks for the info. But can explain 4-4-5 ,4-5-4 or 5-4-4 ...


    What do the 4-5-4 individually stands for...??




  • Hello @keerthipatiaditya ,


    A quarter has 3 months always and 13 weeks mostly or 14 weeks sometimes (Once in 5/6 years)


    13 weeks can be distributed as follows,


    4 weeks in first month

    4 weeks in second month

    5 weeks in third month


    Thats what it stands for 4-4-5.


    Some customers follow, 5 weeks in first month etc and so on.






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