Level 3; Sprint 1, Section 6.3




I am trying to verify the model as part of 6.3. But the numbers are mismatching a little.


Initial Account Sales Target from my build:


Screenshot from the training material section 6.3


File received from the training material and used for calculating the Initial Account Sales Target by Country and by Product Family.


Could someone please confirm if I am missing something here (like using a wrong file or don't really have to match the numbers exactly) ?






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  • Misbah
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    No, they should be matching exactly. Just check if your initial country sales targets are matching and if you have uplifted those with the right percentages.


  • Thanks Misbah! The moment you confirmed it should match exactly, I was able to figure out the issue and fix it. I had calculated "Initial Country Sales Target", but missed some references in the formula and got it right. Thanks again 🙂


    I was having the same issue because I had completely missed the part about updating the module INP01: % Increase by Country.