Formatting Views in Dashboard


I am trying to format a view for a dashboard based on the business requirements and to make it more presentable in Anaplan. Following are my doubts,

  1. How can we change the row height in Anaplan?

  2. How can we color row to differentiate values belonging to a single row from other rows while scrolling horizontally?
  3. How can we use different number formatting for a single line item based on the value of the dimension used in page selector?For example - if I have Variance and Variance% as page selectors then for a single line item A how can we show absolute value for variance and percentage for variance%.


  • Hi,


    1. Row height is fixed and cannot be changed. Only the height of columns is adjustable

    2. Use conditional formatting (Format -> Conditional formatting -> Format based on different line item) and different rules for each line item. Set up the line item as rows.

    3. It's not possible to change the format of a line item dynamically. You will have to set up the Variance and Variance % itself as the line items