How can I map these two dimension ?


I am writing formula for growth percentage where time dimension in weeks, and having product family as a list i.e. Product SKU's. In source module I have product family AS a dimension, where product SKU is third level of product family hierarchy.


How can I map these two dimension ?



  • Hi Sumon,


    You can add one Line Item called Product in your target module. It will be a formula

    Formula -  PARENT(PARENT(ITEM(SKU)))


    Then you can write a formula for picking up the Growth % from the Source Module like below:


    'Product Family'.Growth%[LOOKUP: Product]


    Hope this is the mapping you were looking for.



    Vivek Das Gupta

  • Hi @Sumon16,

    you should have system module with SKU as dimension where you keep different properties of this list e.g. Product Family.

    Then you can use this line item in your LOOKUP, to get Growth % down to SKU.

    Let me know if you managed!