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I am facing an issue while importing the values in a list which is not a numbered list but the parent list is a numbered list  I'll be really thankful if my below asked question could be answered:


 While importing items in a list if the parent list is a numbered list but the child list is not then what is the automatic way to map the parents as in the csv file we have the child list mapped to the parent list with the names but not the codes which Anaplan is assigning to the parent list. Therefore, when we are importing the file in the list the child items get imported but are not marked with any parent. Moreover if there are 2 parents with the name of  'abc' then if we assign the parent manually/ automatically in the child list then to which parent will the child get assigned (i.e. to the first 'abc' parent or second one) ?


Thanks in advance!


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  • ashish.banka

    Hi @Sampriti.Anand 

    The first step is to make sure that the parent list, which is a numbered list, need to have Unique code assigned to the items of the parent list. For the issue with same name parent in the numbered list, the code must be created in such a way that the common name list items could be uniquely identified. (Generaly I recommend to use Numbered List Name(#1,#2) concatenated with Display Name (which could be property) if you need to generate the code for Numbered list.

    Then create a module and just load data in the module from the csv file

    Next get the code for the Parent list as a formula line item in the above module

    Next use Child Column and Parent List code to load the Child List with Numbered list parent.


    Hope this helps.


  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @CommunityMember131357,


    good question indeed. What I would usually do is to concatenate code & name to display as the name.

    For example, you can find Tom James two times on your numbered Employee list, therefore you could include Employee ID in the display name

    "123 Tom James"

    "678 Tom James"

    this way you will be easily identify to which elements you are looking at from your list, or to which parent you are assining.


    Hope this helps! 


  • Hi @Sampriti.Anand,

    you would need to include the code in your file. Even if you use Display Name, for Anaplan the numbered list's name is still #1, #2, etc. so it will not be recognized.

    I think this will also solve your second question, even though you have 'abc' two times on the numbered list, your code would be unique, so the element will end up at the selected parent. 

  • Hi @Sampriti.Anand 


    You need to use the parents code to map to identify parent as it is a numbered list


  • Hi @filip.sypniewski,

    Thanks for your response.

    I understand that the code will be unique so the element will end up at the selected parent. But what if on a dashboard the users are assigning child items to the parent where the parent list does not have corresponding codes present. How will we come to know that to which parent member the child has got assigned so does it by default will get added to the first parent in case of duplication or how does it work?

  • @CommunityMember131357 There are couple of ideas which you can leverage. 


    While creating Add List action, you can enable "Prompt for Parent(s)". This would help you add the child to the parent you wish to add.

    Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 9.53.27 AM.png

    Now to identify the parent which could have same names, you can have Parent Display name as concatenation of Parent + ( Unique ID or any other Text) which would help you differentiate between the parents