Lesson 8.5.3 Volumes Data Inport REV02


Don't quite understand how to point to the volume data.  I believe I have the Time, G3 Location and P2 Products sources set correctly, but not sure what to do with the REV02 Volume Inputs.  When I run the import I receive the error below.


  • Hey @wgallip , 


    As I can see from your first screenshot your mapping for the Target for:


    Time (is correct)

    G3 Location (is correct)

    P2 Product Code (is correct)

    but in


    REV02 Volume Inputs Line Items (Volumes) try to use Fixed Line Item


    and in the REV02 Volume Inputs Line Items Tab:

    under Marked as (Fixed Target Item) in the Mapping tab; please specify a value select the Volume.


    I guess this might solve your error. Feel free to connect if you still have any issues.


    All the best!





    Sumon Dutta

  • Sulman,


    Still erroring out.  Attached is the screenshot for setting the fixed line item to Volumes.  I don't know if I am supposed to be seeing anything besides this.  Error log is also attached.



  • @wgallip 


    The error message indicates something related to date or timescale.  As the file to be loaded has Time in Y-M format, you need to choose mapping in Time tab that matches with this pattern.

  • Thanks.  It took a bit of digging, but I finally figured out where to find the YYYYMM format setting.

  • This is an error that beats me, everything loaded but when Iooked at the output, I'm missing two months. please see screenshot. Not sure if there is bug in the module or what but not all my data came through


  • Chichi

    where exactly did you find the YYYYMM setting? I'm encountering the same error.
  • dhinayadav_0-1632636409595.png



    why some values are getting failed


  • In the mapping setting, go to time tab, the first section "How to map the source data into the timescale", choose "Periods", then in the "Fixed Position Patterns", select "YYYYMM'. 

    it should work.

  • Hi Joseph!


    I have the same problem. Do you remember what was wrong in your case?