In week 1 lesson 4.8.2 Importing Data into E2 Employees list


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I am in level 1 lesson 4.8.2.  I tried to import data into Employees list and I tried various options but am getting an error message as attached.  Would appreciate some help.





  • Hi @ThiruT,

    could you please type what the error is? as well as attach the screenshot of your mapping during the import?

    Then we can find together the cause of this issue! 

  • Hi Filip

    I have already attached the screenshot of the error. Thiru
  • Hello ThiruT,


    As it is asked to import in to new #Numbered list , after creating the subset Active? in the #E2 Employess list  ,You would need a list property to be created , since the list is a numbered list .

    Here List property I have created is Display Name . And you should assign this created Display name to  Display name Property in  the General list

    .Dis property.pngprop import.png

    And mapping the code here for the import Display name Property needs to be imported by Employees List Names as shown . 

    dis import.png

    And then Run Import . @ThiruT Always when importing into any Numbered List you would need to follow this methodology . 

    I hope this helps . 

    Please let me know any further assistance needed on this. 



    Puneeth HP 

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  • Thank you so much for your help