Level 1 - Lesson 7.2.1 and Lesson 7.2.3



I am stuck trying to import data from the Product csv file and the Employee csv file.  I think I am doing the mapping wrong.  I tried all different combinations but failed.  I have attached the screenshots of the messages I have been getting.  I would appreciate some help.Product Details module.pngError message of product file import.pngEmployee details module.pngError message employee file import.png I can't see any imported data in the modules.   Regards


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  • kuruva.raghavendra

    Hi @ThiruT 


    Please check the mappings in "Mapping Tab" , there itself we will confirm respective list mapping by selecting the respective column in source file ( code/name ) after that we can see the respective mappings source vs Target in "E2 Employees Tab". 






  • @ThiruT,


    Why do you need Time list in the product and employee details modules?




  • Hi Andre

    I realise I don't need them.  But what if the prices or the salaries are revised during the year.  



  • Hi @ThiruT ,

    To load  Product Data & Customer Data Time List is not required because mostly these set of Data sets will have Time/Period in Columns which we can load into date formatted line items , For further calculations these line items will useful to slice and dice the respective data . 


    so i request you kindly try to load without time list as dimension.





  • Thank you Raghav.  I have also encountered another problem.  I am trying to import the employee.csv file but hit a hurdle.  I am attaching the screen shots of the steps I had followed and the result I achieved.  Need some insight into what I am doing wrong. Employee Details Module General ViewEmployee Details Module General ViewEmployee details csv file optionsEmployee details csv file optionsEmployee details Employees 2 mappingEmployee details Employees 2 mappingEmployees details mapping summaryEmployees details mapping summaryEmployee Details csv line item mappingEmployee Details csv line item mappingEmployee Details file failure summaryEmployee Details file failure summaryEmployee details file failed import reportEmployee details file failed import report

  • Hi @ThiruT,

    E2 Employee is a numbered list, therefore you need to match them based on the Code. On the first tab in your import definition called 'Mapping' you need to map the Employees based on the Code, not on the name. Behind your Display Name is the UID of the numbered list, so #1, #2, #3, and therefore Anaplan does not recognize the names you are trying to load and map them to Employees. 

    Does it help?

    You can read here more about working with numbered lists: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Build%20Models/Lists_and_Roll-ups/Numbered_Lists/Working_with_Numbered_Lists.html

  • Thank You

  • Thank you

  • having the same issue


    I think my mistake is here, but I've tried correcting and to no avail. This is not as straightforward as I thought. I wonder how many customers get frustrated 🙂



    Employees SYS08.png2020-12-01_01-11-24.png