which user submitted changes




I am having user access management dashboard where I have one line item 'submitted by' which states who ever user is making changes its email id will appear. Currently it is a manual dropdown selection. If I want it to automate based on user then what should i do. 

Eg. suppose I am making changes for particular user so it should show my email id automatically in 'submitted by' rather I am selecting from dropdown.






  • Hi Pankhuri,

    To track user changes, add the user dimension to the module which you want to track. And then import the email ID into your submitted by line item

    I do not recommend doing this as it will create precedence issues. For example, if 2 users submit into the same cell, which value is going to be used? There is no top level on the User list...
    Also it will increase the size of the mode if you have a large number of users

    A better solution would be to go to the cell which you want to track and right click and view history. That will show which user changed what input and at what time. Of course, this is not possible on formula cells...