User Access Management




I have 5 levels of hierarchy and all are numbered list. I have one dashboard of user access management where i give access to users for the levels and import it into user settings. I am not able to create process for clear action and assign action in one process as it is overlapping the items. What should be the solution to it as I want to have clear action and assign action to run in same process.





  • why would you need an assign action ?

    and a clear ?

    built user management many many times and never used those

  • Hi Nathan,


    By Assigning i mean assigning items of levels to the user in user settings not by assign action. Same fore clear, like if for level 4 I want to change access for the user how to clear the previous item and add another list item of level 4. When i was performing import from module to user settings it is taking both the items and not deleting previous item of the level.




  • Usually, user access is managed via several imports:


    1: import the user name/role/SSO

    2: reset the existing selective access

    3: set new selective access


    2 is quite difficult, because to reset you have to import the codes they have access to in the "None" column of that dimension. So if you really want to do that, you need to import into your user management what they have access to currently, use it to reset their access and then import a new one.


    An easy way for this is to reset their access via changing their role to "No Access". This will remove any SA they have. However it will kick the user out of the model if they are in when you run the process AND erase any data they might have input on the user dimension

  • @Pankhuri 


    You can do it in one process as long as the "clear" view is different than the read/write view.  Take a look at this...