Planual Explained - Day 34


"Rule 1.05-05": Article 1, Chapter 5, and Rule 5” Format the Display Name property as a list, if possible. Format the Display Name property for Numbered lists as List Formatted, not text. This is more efficient, saves a line item, minimizes text fields and simplifies mappings

Here is how it was done in Pre Planual Era.



What is wrong with this method? It’s a text format. We should try and avoid text as much as possible. Also, another line item has to be created to change the text formatted line item to make it list formatted, if need arises.

Here is how it should be done in Planual Way:


Note: It is NOT recommended to create a separate list purely for this purpose; use an existing list if possible



  • @Misbah 

    Every time i read one of these I kick myself in the shin because I usually find myself in the pre-planual era. This one is hard for me because I have to synchronize alternate hierarchies and it's a nightmare to administrate yet another list. I guess this is one where you really have to ask is the performance gain worth the effort?