Error in some dashboards



scrolling down in some dashboards, here is the error:



You may want to try the following

  • Close this dialog  and continue to use the application.
  • If this does not work, refresh your browser by clicking the  Reload  button in the toolbar.
  • Close the browser, and re-open it.

Could anyone help me in fixing this annoying error?






  • Hi @CommunityMember116940,

    I do not think there is any specific way of "fixing" this notification. I have seen that before when I had issues with Internet connection. The only thing, apart from following the bullet points shown on the error message, would be to contact Anaplan Support team asking if they could check for you if there is any specific reason that causes this notification to pop up for you. Hope this helps! 

  • Thank you for your feedback!

    We've already contact Anaplan Support.