API to get workspace utilized size


Hi Team, 


Is there a way(API) to get the utilized workspace size so that we will be alerted when the nightly job overrun them.


  • @maheswariJ 

    Unfortunately the model properties are limited to the ones below through the API (let me know if you want the Python script to obtain these). But. @Alessio_Pagliano published a TOTALLY amazing PowerPoint deck on how to estimate the size of the model in a module (see the attachment in his post). Taking this one step further you could set up a notification using the NewUX to alert you if you reach a certain limit. Please let us know what you decide to do. I think we would all benefit from anything you discover.

      "modelGuid" : "",
      "name" : "",
      "activeState" : "UNLOCKED",
      "calculationPolicy" : "DEFAULT",
      "lastSavedSerialNumber" : 2140839,
      "isoCreationDate" : "2019-10-28T19:41:33.000+0000",
      "lastModified" : "2020-09-07T14:12:31.000+0000",
      "displayOrder" : 8,
      "currentWorkspaceGuid" : "",
      "lastModifiedByUserGuid" : "",
      "customerGuid" : "",
      "modelUrl" : ""


  • Thank you so much @JaredDolich . Let me go through the PPT and come up with solution.