Level 3 Model Builder Training: Sales Planning Model: A2 List


Hi community, 


I am struggle with the step on Model Builder Level 3 to Import data from the Data Hub model to populate the A2 Account>Product# list


I've create on Data Hub the module SYS14 Create Account>Product and looks like:


Model SYS14.png


Then, on Sales Planning Model, I've tried to import data from previous model / module and here is where I became block that I am not able to import correctly: 



Thanks in advance for any hint or help you can support me.


  • Hi @joseantonio.galindo,

    since Level 3 is meant to be independent work, I will just give you a hint:

    - review your import definition mapping and settings

    - think about imports to numbered lists

    you should be able to solve your issue!


  • Thanks for your hint and support. 


    I was able to import now and my list looks like this, for each product name, the account is the parent, the combined code Account_Product and the product name: 


    2020-09-07 18_15_42-Anaplan - Level 3 Sales Planning Jose Antonio Galindo.png

  • Great, good luck with your Level 3!

  • Hi @joseantonio.galindo 

    How are you?


    I created the SYS14 system module. Did you have the same formulas?




    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.


    Best regards.




  • Hello @ssicefox 


    sorry for late response but I was on my holiday period. 


    I am checking your formulas and are not fully matching, please these are the hints for each line item:

    - Data? , you need to check if you have historical volume, not revenue 

    - Valid? , not always is true only in case it is Data or Manual

    - Code , you need to concatenate the account code + product code separated by "_"


    The result should be something similar to this: 


    Hope it helps