How to build Parent/Child hierarchy for different sets of children



Need your help in developing a solution for this requirement. Please see the attached data sheet.We execute Jobs to make Assembly Items by consuming  Comp Item numbers (Typically we consume 2 types of Comp item numbers to make one Assembly item). One Assembly item can be made in more than one way.(i.e. We can create two different jobs to consume two different sets of Comp item numbers to make the same Assembly item).Assembly items and some of the comp item numbers have the Configurations attributes assigned to them.


Now requirements is to setup a hierarchy in Anaplan to show for each Assembly Item configuration, what are the different combinations of  Comp Item number configurations that we have used.

This dataset will help us to consolidate the required quantity of Comp Item number configurations for the future  demand of Assembly item configurations. Planner will then plan his/her procurement of the Comp item number configurations based on this consolidated list.


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  • ChrisAHeathcote



    Im sorry but I'm not able to provide screenshots.

    However, I hope I can explain further.


    You need to create a list for every possible combination of components and assign these to their respective parent within a composite hierarchy. 


    Each child element should be assigned properties which allows you to allocate the required components from a seperate components list. 


    When you receive an order for a parent you can use these properties to understand what existing levels of stocks you have that can be combined to create them. 


    How you priorities which components get used to create each parent is a separate issue but algorithms can be built into the process to determine the priority in which components get allocated. An example could be net profit, costs etc.  


  • You would definitely need to use numbered lists for this hierarchy, although I'm not 100% I understand your requirements here. If Assembly_config was the parent hierarchy (L1) then you could have the Comp_item as L2 with a Comp_config as an attribute, or make the Comp_config L2 and Comp_item as L3. Now the L1 (assembly config) can be a standard list, but L2 and L3 need to be numbered (# list), so in order to build the hierarchy you first need to generate unique lists of 'Comp_item' and 'Comp_config' (use separate views in staging module that holds the .csv data and isfirstoccurrence boolean function for filtering). Would that solve your problem?

  • Hi, 


    As I understand it list items can have multiple relationships within a hierarchy.

    If this is the case then you need to create parallel hierarchies to accommodate all possible combinations.


    • Create separate lists for all levels in the hierarchy - Assembly items and Comp items
    • For the lowest level create lists for all possible combinations of comp items making up each Assembly item
    • For this lowest level assign Comp item properties to identify which comp items combine to create the relevant Assembly item

    In total you will have three lists; 1. Assembly Items, 2. Assembly - Comp Items and 3. Comp Items


    The first two will be a small composite hierarchy of two levels and the third will allow you to assign properties / attributes to the lowest level which defines which Comp Items roll up into the respective Assembly Item.

  • Thanks @kawula.p @ChrisAHeathcote  for the response.

    Just to make it clear, our requirement is to build the different combinations of components that make up a parent in anaplan so that when we have a demand for a parent, we can analyze which combination will work out best.

    One parent will have two components and we have multiple combinations (6-7) for a parent.

    Would appreciate if you provide me some simple screenshots for this, as I am still trying to understand your suggestions.


    Thanks very much