anticipates error that doesn't manifest


The blue note box seems to imply that the needed time range is not yet set for the DAT03 module, but it's already in place and the action runs without need for adjustment to the module as initially downloaded.


The initial time range for the module "out of the box" should probably be set to Model Calendar to give the student the opportunity to make the needed change.


  • Hello @chrised209 

    Did you intend to attach a screenshot to your message?
    Could you provide more details so I could understand your issue better?

  • I thought I had integrated the photo into my post.  This is the blue box I mentioned above. box.png

    If you download the model starting point as instructed in 1.7.1 you can see that the module's time range doesn't need to be changed.

  • @chrised209 

    Yes, the model Time Range (FY 20) doesn't need to change but you need to account for the 2019 historical data.
    What is the date range you used for DAT03?

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Please forgive the late reply; I'm only just now seeing it.


    My DAT03 is set to FY19-FY20, but I didn't have to take action to change it; the downloaded starting model already had the custom time range applied.