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i fance the problem during the data import - once i want to copy data from one line item to another in the same module i get duplicate values in some fields. After some investigation i realized that on my one dimension (named hierarchy list) i have the same name of member but on different level ex. Level4 - Duties and child level5 Duties as well (whole module applies to level5). During the import "duties" member was duplicate and Anaplan do not recognize that there are two different members with hierarchy relation...  

How to resolve it and make my import correct ?


Thanks in advance,

Tomasz Stuglik 

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  • filip.sypniewski


    for the saved view you are using for import, did you select only the lowest level? I think that should solve it. I think at this moment, you load both level 4 and level 5 from your saved view to level 5 in another line item. If you:

    - clear your current load on the line item you copy data

    - go to your saved view

    - use select levels to show and choose only lowest level

    - save your view

    - run action matching based on codes

    I think you should achieve correct result, does it help? 


  • Hello ,

    Please attach screenshot so that it would be more helpful to analyze .


    You can try giving Level 5 Duties and Level 4 duties a unique Code . 

    Lets say Level 5 Duties - AAA  having code - 1A 

                  Level 4 Duties - AAA  having code - 1A4 ( Combining Level 5 and level 4 in code ) 

             then you can try importing based on Code .



    Puneeth HP 

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  • Hi,


    thanks for answer. It also was my hint to code the list but unfortunately it's not working in my case. Please see attached screens.

    I admit that i has mark 'match on names or code' option in import.



    Tomasz Stuglik

  • Hi @Filip ,


    many thanks for your help - indeed it's resolve the issue!