Announcing Predictive Insights Community Content


Predictive+Insights 1000 x 500.jpgAnaplan’s Predictive Insights helps businesses optimize their sales team’s performance by connecting enterprise and market data with predictive scoring at scale to deliver actionable planning insights.

With how-to guides and step-by-step tutorials, the new Predictive Insights section in Community helps Predictive Insights users build predictive models, discover their total addressable market, create target segments around key insights, and integrate their predictive models to score records at scale in real time. The Predictive Insights content in the Anaplan Community educates platform users on key features of the tool, outlines the steps required to execute administrative tasks, and serves as a resource for integrations and other onboarding components.

The rollout of the Predictive Insights section of the Anaplan Community is part of a broader effort to enable our Predictive Insights customers and internal stakeholders. The Anaplan Support Team is also providing Predictive Insights users with expert analysts to assist with advanced cases. The Predictive Insights Community is monitoring these cases, and will continue to build content that proactively addresses common issues.

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning technology is available as a standalone platform, or as a component of the following solutions:

  • Predictive Account Segmentation and Scoring—augments internal data with predictive attributes on profile fit and buyer intent data to target and prioritize accounts with a higher propensity to want to buy from them.
  • Predictive Territory Planning—carves potential sales territories across multiple dimensions (i.e., geography, industry, product, named account) to design and balance equitable territory plans based on historical data, total available market (TAM), and predictive insights.
  • Predictive Sales Capacity Planning—optimizes coverage models across sales factors and buyer propensity insights with the goal of achieving revenue targets.
  • Predictive Quota Planning—enables leaders to design fair and aspirational-yet-achievable targets, goals, and quotas, by leveraging predictive insights, buying signals, and fit and intent information.

Learn more about the Predictive Insights platform.

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