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I'm looking for some assistance with conditional formatting in the NUX. I've had some success with the formatting but it hasn't been consistent. Currently, I am attempting to format any of the cell values that are greater than 0. Any pointers or assistance with this would be much appreciated.


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  • jnoone
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    Hey - Can since you have the line item as a page selector, you cannot apply conditional formatting.  What you can do is pivot the line item (I can't see the name but assume it's something along the lines of "value") from context selector down to column.  Then click on the column and the conditional formatting option should appear.  Enter in your parameters.  Then pivot line items back up to context selector and time down to columns.  It should stick if you do this.  Alternative would be to do it using a Module view, but sounds like you want to go down the Custom view path and leverage some of its additive features.  


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  • Hi @DBrin17,


    You can't directly apply conditional formatting in NUX. You will have to set the conditional formatting in the underlying saved view (INV02 Country Summary) and then publish the same.


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  • Thanks JT! I decided to go ahead and use the saved views instead but thank you for providing me with a solution to my troubles. I will try to pivot the line item next time and hopefully that will work.