10.2.2 Import Data into Non Employee Expenses Module

hey guys what date format do you do I am at my wits end lol












  • Hi @aevmajor 


    Check YYYYMM.




  • Good evening! 

    Could you please advise what should I do further as my figures seems too high after import of 10.2.2 activity Import data for Non-employee modules. 

    first pic is my newly created and working module and the second is kind of my target module data. Could you please advise further actions?

    Thank you in advance!




  • @Zhanat 

    Looks like you're really close. The RENT value is correct. So, my hunch is that you loaded the other three expenses more than once. What I would suggest is that you go to blueprint mode, put a "0" as a formula in all the line items. Then remove the zero formula. This will zero out your values. Then reload the data. See if that helps.

  • Thank you Jared for your advice and quick response!


    I zeroed previuosly imported data by changing formula. After importing, results are still the same - in millions which are 10 times higher than they supposed to be.

    Tried to zero and import the data many times, but unfortunately, no changes. The only thing I've noticed is that Target model has some references while mine doesn't have. Profit and Loss topic is in my next 11 Lesson. Could it be the reason of difference? Screenshots are attached for your reference.


    Thank you in advance!






  • @Zhanat 

    Aha! I figured it out. 

    So, first of all your import is perfect. No change is needed there. If you change the number format to 4 decimal places, you'll notice RENT does not have any decimals and not-coincidentally that is the one that is importing correctly. So the issue must be that you've set your number format to expect 1000's using the decimal place. Make sure each of your number formats look like this:


  • Thank you so much for your help! Very much appreciated!

  • HAVE you resolve the problem.I GO


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    Go ahead and create a new post. Let's get you to the finish line.