Level 1 Lesson 7.2



I have imported Employee.csv file into Employees Details module but with errors.  The date in the csv file does not match the module date format.  Because this is a training course for ANZ I am not sure whether I change the csv.file date format or the date format in the module.   I have attached a screenshot of the error message.  Would much appreciate some help with this.


ThiruImported data on Employee details moduleImported data on Employee details moduleError message summaryError message summaryError message details Date and Active columnsError message details Date and Active columns



  • Hi ThiruT



    maybe when uploading you can check the column "SYS08 Employee Details Line Item" on the Targets Items, you can Tick the boolean on "Start Date" and "Leave Date" then Edit according to the date format in the Upload File . Let me know if not clear ya


    Thank you