Import Revenue FY19 into DAT02 PY Revenue to CY


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I need some hints to be able to move forward in the training because I don't know if I am proposing the solution in the correct way. The point is that on the following exercise:


4.6.5 Sale Planning Model: DAT02 module

In the Sales Planning model, create a DAT02 PY Revenue to CY module to carry forward the FY19 quarterly actual sales revenue to FY20 quarters


what I am doing is trying to import data from the Data Hub from module DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product (with dimensions A1 Account, P2 Product) into DAT02 PY Revenue to CY (with dimension A2 Account>Product#) into FY19 and after that, I will apply formula to carry into FY20. But I am struggle into import the data from Data Hub as source module has dimension A1 Account, P2 Product and target module has dimension A2 Account>Product#. Any hint on this? 


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  • @joseantonio.galindo 


    Is there any specific reason that you are dimensioning your target module with Account>Product# list? As far as I know you have to use Account, Product lists as dimensions so that your import goes smooth. After that you can create separate module which will be dimensioned by combined list and tackle that with formula.


    Hope that gives you enough to proceed


  • Thanks @Misbah for your hint. 


    I just applied dimension A2 Account>Product# because the print screen on the next section of the training material to compare the DAT02 Model seems to be that dimension, as you can see according to the print-screen on the training material:


    2020-09-11 DAT02 PY Revenue to CY.png

    But agree with you that with dimensions A1 Account, P2 Product is better to import and then I can create other module with combined lists. 

    Thanks for your support. 


  • @Misbah 


    I have created a DAT01 PY Revenue module with the FY19 time range and imported the data from Data Hub. 

    I have also created the DAT02 PY Revenue to CY module with the Model Calendar (FY20)  


    I know how to use the lookup part of the formula but can you please provide a hint on how to move the data forward to FY20?

    So far I have this formula: 'DAT01 PY Revenue'.Revenue[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'A1 Account'] but clearly I am missing the time setting piece

  • Hello @BahalR


    Please have a look to the system module SYS00 Time Settings and there you will find the line item PY Qtr that you can use to LOOKUP and those time period.


    I hope it helps, 


  • It can be done this way also, but have to work with multiple lookups.