Level 1 - Lesson 8.2.2 Add Volume Inputs and Lesson 8.5.3 Import Data into Volume Inputs Module




I have just imported data into the REV02 Volume Inputs Module.  My import of data went through correctly, I have attached a screenshot of what the data looks like in my module. As you can see the pages are Location and Product and the line item is Volume.


My concern is in the lesson 8.5.3 the picture of the imported data shows that the module pages are Volume and Product and the line item is location.  when I set up the module according to lesson 8.2.2 the pages were Location and Product and the line item was volume.   I did this according to the instructions.  Now I am not sure which is the right one.  Some help will be greatly appreciated.  Regards ThiruVolume Inputs module imported Data.png


  • Hi @ThiruT 


    in 99.9% the different arrangement of the element in a module doesn’t affect calculation so there is no right or wrong way to have the elements arranged in a module .

    if you want to see the data in a specific way, create a view in the module and pivot these elements to what you need.


  • Hi @ThiruT,

    I think there is no right or wrong when it comes to displaying your data. That depends how you need to show it, how clients want to see it, what's the request, which view gives the most insights etc...

    You can easily pivot your view, saved different views.

    Let me know if you have additional questions or need any assistance with pivoting or saving views.

  • @ThiruT , I think you're fine. The more important thing is that the data was imported and stored correctly. You can always pivot the view to match what is in the lesson and save it as default. Let me know if you have more questions. 

  • Hi

    Thank you for your response.  I have now looked at the pivot function.  I am able to move around the pages and columns across but there is nothing listed in the rows Lines.  REV02 Volume Inputs module I have created has "Volumes" as the line item.  If I can't see this in the pivot view how can I move it across to other dimensions? E.g. Pages or Columns?


    Thank you


  • Hi @ThiruT,

    you will not see all Line Items you created in your module but block "Line Items", you can pivot it similarly as other dimension. 

    I created quickly picture for you to show how I pivot "Volumes" as Page Selector. Does it help?