Nested Sorting




I there a way/workaround in sorting a nested axis in Anaplan?


Attached is the example module where I need to put the TOTAL LIST1 and TOTAL LIST2 at the start of each list.



Thanks in advance for helping.





  • Hey @tompatrick.ting 


    Actually, there is an easy nifty way to do it, however, I agree it's frustrating that we can't work with nested lists the same way as we do for a single list.


    To have the totals of a list appear at the top in a nested list construction, do the following for both nested list (if you need both to have the totals at the top):

    1. Press ctrl on your keyboard if you have a PC ( or the equivalent button on your mac)
    2. While still pressing the ctrl key on your keyboard, point your mouse and select the Totals then each list item in the order you want them to appear.
    3. Select "Show" using one of the following:
      • Right mouse click to show the menu, then select Show
      • Click on the Format menu at the top and select Show Selected
        ** it doesn't matter in either of the above 2 ways if you still hold the ctrl button or not
    4. Please note that for the inner list, Anaplan will ask you if you want to apply the "Show" to only the Selected occurrence or for Every Occurrence. I assume you want to select "Every Occurrence", but the option is there if a different set up is needed.

    Let me know if you face any issues trying to implement the above, or if you have any questions about it.

  • @einas.ibrahim ,


    This is a nice little trick, but if members get added to the list, they will not dynamically show up, correct?



  • Hey @rob_marshall 


    Thanks for pointing this out. It is important.

    Yes, when and if a new list member is added to a list that has been ordered in the way mentioned, it will not automatically appear.
    This is because we are basically using the "Show" tool to just show the members you selected, just in a particular order. And that's how the "Show" works.

    Is there a way that would take into account newly added list members?
    Or better yet, is there a way - even on the roadmap - that would allow us to individually manage list display options for nested lists.


    I know nested lists are a pain and should be avoided, however, sometimes there is no way around it.

  • Thanks @einas.ibrahim for the alternative, unfortunately we will need a dynamic setup as we will add new list member in the future. Hope there are other workaround.