Multiple file upload prompts in a proces




I have a process published on a dashboard as an action. My process includes multiple actions that use the same csv file for various uploads. When I run this action I am promoted to upload the file more than once for each of the actions in the process. Is there a way to change this to prompt me to upload the file only once?

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  • ArunManickam

    Each file will be atleast used in two imports.

    One to create the list and second to add the data into the module.

    Generally, there should not be more actions than 2.







  • Hello @BahalR ,


    Yes. Definetely possible.


    When you create the process use the same file in all the actions. Do not use different files (files with different names) for import actions. If you do this, all actions will have the same import source. Then the process will expect you to upload only one file.


    Please verify the actions in your process, they are using different import sources, hence  the system is asking you to upload multiple files.




  • @BahalR,


    If your process includes multiple actions that use the same CSV file then you will have to have the module which holds the CSV data and then use saved views to import into other modules.


    In simple words, load the data once in a module and then make sure other actions pull the data from this module (saved view)