Import Data into Country Flat List


the instruction says "Remember this is a flat list, there should not be a parent assigned", but while doing so i am getting an error. Moreover, can anyone verify whether the grid view after the import is correct ?


  • Hi, 


    The error message indicates that you are importing list items which all have the same code or the code is missing.


    When defining the the import you need to define the name. Currently you are mapping this to '(Column Headers)". Change this to the corresponding column in the source file. If the list is a numbered list then this needs to be empty. 


    edit - it is possible to allocate the same column to both name and code.


    Can you please post a screenshot of the source file?

  • While importing, Map the Source and property in the List according to the requirement.

    In your case, you should map "Column 2: Country Name -> Country Flat"