Excel Add 3.4


What are some common causes for worksheets losing connections to Anaplan?  Users have built workbooks that have included excel add in workssheets that then linked to summary works that worked fine  for a time and then the user returned to the workbook and then Excel Add-In worksheet was no longer connected to Anaplan?  One possibility is the module logic has been adjusted somehow (new filter or list).



  • Hi Eric,


    I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with Excel Add-in 3.4.


    The rare scenarios I can think of is if you deleted the connected workspace, model or module. With Excel Add-in 4.0, you would be able to remap them.

    In all cases of structural changes, the connection should still exist and be refreshable with the subsequent changes.

    We have also seen instances where some user changes in the connected spreadsheets (moving cells around or adding rows/columns or renaming columns for instance) would prevent the connection from being refreshable.


    I would recommend emailing Anaplan Support to investigate the situation. When you say "lose a connection", could you please clarify whether:

    a) the connection still appears when you click on "refresh all" but doesn't refresh

    b) the connection doesn't appear at all when you click on "refresh all"



  • Hi Magali,
    Thanks for the quick and thorough response. I will reach out to Anaplan Support.