I'm trying to import region data into a flat file in the given L2 data hub model. while doing so I'm getting some error saying "Invalid Code". I have attached the screenshot of source data and all the steps for the same. Any help in this regard would be helpful.


Moreover, I want to understand when my source data has 2 columns why during the mapping there is three fields, and what exactly to be added in the property list named Region Flat.




  • @Rakesh_24_7 ,


    Are you trying to load into a numbered list?



  • Hi @Rakesh_24_7 ,


    Before importing u can try giving All Regions  in Top level Item for G1 Region list in configure list tab . 

    While importing u can give Name or Code and also u can opt for Name for the import to happen Since we are matching both . 


    And always when importing in to List , the matching criteria will always be three .  which is Item , Parent , Code ( Additionally list Subset , list properties column ) .

    If we have a lower hierarchy item we would match parent as well while importing . 

    Whenever we are importing data to those particular columns then only these columns are useful . Otherwise we should keep those columns blank for matching . 


    Please let me know it is working and any further assistance is needed . 



    Puneeth HP

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