Issue: Unable to Copy and Paste on New UX


Hi, I would like to bring up that there seems to be an issue with copying (Cltr +C), pasting (Cltr +V), and deleting (Del) a cell on the New UX when interacting with a grid on the board. It occurs either when a single cell or a range of cells are selected. 

I am currently both a workspace admin and full user on the model, and am working on google chrome.

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  • mmartin
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    Good morning eang92,


    I received a message back from support this morning that this bug has been fixed. I logged in and tested and I am no longer receiving that error message. Give it a shot and see how it is in your model?


  • It should work..


    Is Allow editing turned on in your card.







  • I noticed sometimes there is a delay betwen your input and the action.
  • Hi Arun,


    Yeap! Allowing users to edit has been turned on for the card, and I am able to edit the fields directly. It is only when i use Cltr C,V or delete that an error message pops up, indicating that the action cant be completed.



    New UX Copying Issue.JPG

    New UX Deleting Issue.JPG

    New UX Pasting Issue.JPG


  • Hey Nathan,


    Thanks for getting back to me. I do get the delay as well, but this time, there is an error that pops out indicating that I am not able to perform those actions.

    New UX Copying Issue.JPG

    New UX Deleting Issue.JPG

    New UX Pasting Issue.JPG




  • Hi @eang92,

    just checked and it works fine for me. However also had some troubles with copy pasting before. Often it helps to clear your cookies & cache in Google Chrome. Solved some issues for me in the past. 

  • Hi eang92,

    I have the exact same issue. However, it only occurs when interacting with a deployed model.

    If I change the mapping for the board page from the deployed test model to the standard dev model, I don't have any issues with copy / paste / delete multiple cells. 

  • Hi eang92,


    I'm having the same issue, users have edit rights and cleared cookies and cache. No change, even for full users with workspace admin rights. I've reached out to support and will post a solution when one is provided.

  • Hey Mmartin,


    Apologies for the late reply to your question. Based on the usage of the application so far, no users seems to have raised the issue and so it seems that all should be good right now!

    Thanks for contacting support on that as well!