Academy: Model Building Level2, sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5 question


I have a question for Model Building Level2, sprint 3, Lesson 3.5.5 and the product SKU by Distribution Center panel on the Distribution Center Summary UX page (in My Pages).  I got it working, but I want to know if there is a better solution as my screen layouts are slightly different to the prototype.

I used a grid and because I wanted the locations to sync with the page filter I thought I would need a line item dimensioned by s G3 location: Distribution Center? & P3 SKU. Since there’s no output module like this I would either need a new module or a subsiduary view.  The line item could be derived from either the DAT01 Beginning Inventory line item or the SYS08 SKU Details->Supplied By .  It works and I have a grid that is filtered by a boolean line item “SKU Cataloged”. In my UX, I have the line item on the screen with tick boxes, but in the prototypes I see you just have the DC->SKU lists aligned. Did I do it correctly or is there a better/different way to do this in Anaplan?