Consolidate Numbered List table


Hi All,


I needed some help in designing a consolidation table for the input table as attached as image.

i am trying to consolidate the Org Var based on CF Lines,Driver,Driver Groups for the fixed dimensions (in black).

If i use these dimensions (CF Lines,Driver,Driver Groups) ,the model size  increases to a huge extent.

The users would like to see the headings as wells of these dimension along with a drop down for Local and USD currency.


Please suggest some ways to get accurate consolidated results .



  • @akprasa1,


    I would be making some assumptions here based on the input table and here are my suggestions,


    1) Assuming "driver" and "driver group" might hold one-many relationships. In that case, you might not need to include both of these in your dimensions. 

    2) Also, each "CF lines" might have only one driver or driver group (one to one ) and need not to be dimensioned. 


    You can create a consolidated report based on "CF Lines" and can have custom filters as page selectors to filter by driver or driver group.


    Hope this might help.





  • Thanks Sandeep.

    On Second thought i could solve the issue by creating a combination List through an import along with few properties.

    Then populated the required columns as line items by direct referencing the list properties.For Values i used Sum based on Combination List. 

  • @akprasa1,


    Exactly..! You can always have a combination list as you stated. In some cases, it depends on the use case and ease of use. In general, setting up the combination list requires some attention and you may need to update the combination list more often.