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I was able to import the details without any error messages and I have progressed through to lesson 11.  I just have one question about the module that I see.  Why is the Dept Code in full such as 'Sales' and why is the country code in full such as 'Canada'.  If it is the code shouldn't that column have only codes?  Or is it because we have set the format to E1 Department and G2 Country?  Screen shots of both views attached.  Regards  Thiru

SYS08 Employee Details Module General View.pngSYS08 Employee Details Module Blueprint view.png

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    As far as I know you need to get the Name and not the Code but if you wish to get the code. You can change the format of the line item to Text and write Code(Parent(item(employees))). 


    Remember you can't aggregate based on text formatted line items. So its better you rename and get rid of the codes from the description.


  • HI @ThiruT  , 


    As for I know here Dept code and Country would not be needed . 

    Here we are importing Department and Country only . (Name ) 

    Hence the line item item format is E1 Departments and G2 Country List respectively . 

    You can change the line items name to Departments and Country as shown below.

    SYS 8.png


    Please let me know any further assistance is needed on this . 



    Puneeth HP 




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  • Hi


    I have now changed the name.  However, I am unable to work out what Headcount formula is all about.  I have attached a screenshot of the formula and have difficulty trying to understand this formula.  How can the sum function apply to country? I would appreciate some help.

    The formula.png




  • Hi @ThiruT 

    Since Country line item is a list formatted line item , Headcount is being summed according to Country in the particular formula . 

    Headcount summed up by country . 

    Another condition here they are checking is whether it is Actual or Forecast.


    For DATA01 P&L Actuals & Budget" module country is one of the dimension . Thats y summing up is not required as it gets summed up before coming to Rep 03 module . only for the forecast value we need to take it from "EMP 02---" module where sum is needed . 



    Puneeth HP

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  • @ThiruT 


    What it means is 


    For Forecast get the headcount from EMP02 module and aggregate the heacount by country.- See below this formula will aggregate the headcount based on country and US in your current module will show 3 and Canada 1

    List NumberHeadcountCountry



    and For Other Version get the headcount from DAT01 Module as is 

  • Hi

    I am still getting an error message.  Are we supposed to amend the formula? Is that part of the exercise?  Or do we just insert the formula as it is?  I have also attached the screenshot of the formula?

    Screenshot (33).pngScreenshot (34).png

  • Hi @ThiruT 


    Preferred is always re-type the whole formula rather than copying it . It would give a better result always . 

    For the formula error please have a look at the connection modules with the formula . Somewhere it has gone wrong already . 

    Please check to the Format and Summary methods as well to Headcount line item . Check the dimensions are proper there . 


    Please care to send more screenshots . We can get to know where it is going wrong exactly . 

    You can re-do some course content if you are not sure of build . 



    Puneeth HP

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  • Hi


    Thanks for the response.  I did not copy the formula.  I opened the calculation tab and added the formula by opening each specific module and clicking on the row headers and column headers so that I could avoid any typos.  I will check the modules and see if they are in the same order.  My understanding is that you need not have the dimensions in the same order.    Which means a module which has a  'Headcount' row can be used in the formula to get a result for a  'Headcount' column in the result module? May be I am wrong.  Thanks Thiru

  • Thank you.  I checked the previous formulas and found an error