Waterfall chart 1 litem using different versions as starting point and increase/decrease




Can anyone advise if the below is possible to do with waterfall?

Taking Forecast total figure & clusters variance to end up to the Total Actuals


So as an example sales:

Total forecast: 100

Europe -10

Asia +40

US -20

Total actual: 110


I have actuals and variance to forecast as versions in Anaplan & sales is a line item. We have a hierarchy 1. total 2. cluster.


See picture how I structed the data source.

I wasn't sure if the total actual is needed or should the start & changes automatically sum up to it.


I'd appreciate any advice. thanks



Best Answer

  • kinga.markovics

    Hi all


    I've solved this myself, and thought to share how.


    (1) I created line items for the variances with module applying the entity hierarchy.

    (2) After this, I created another module:

         (2.1) where I made 1 line item for 1 cluster - for 5 clusters, Net Sales and EBIT variance were a total of 10 line items. In practice my formula looked like this: ACT Net Sales of Cluster 1 - Forecasted Net Sales of Cluster 1

         (2.2.) In this module, I also added a Forecasted Net Sales for total segment

         (2.3) I created Actual Net Sales for total segment, using a formula to sum up the Forecasted net sales + sum of cluster variances. (so this formula did not refer to any other module, just line items in the same module)..