Model1 Chapter 13 Price and Growth assumption Page


Please help 


2 things different in my board and how to fix it 

1.Margin Summary chart and Forecast periods grid have "US" and "Chocolates" in left hand corner but not in my board why?

2.My board have 2 times US mentioned in top right corner


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  • Puneeth H P

    Hi @Gayatri2020 


    For the Margin Summary Chart you need to edit it and select Select Context Selector option ON for Country and Product family in the chart editing . 


    2. It is there because another card or chart published with the same hierarchy . Hence you can turn off one of the selector as Off . This is done in Edit Grid and Keep one of the selector Off from showing on the Grid . 





    Please let us know if any further assistance is needed on this . 



    Puneeth HP


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