How to get all metadata from a Model using RESTful API?


Hello I'm new using Anaplan web app. and the RESTful API. I need a way to export all the metadata or the raw data for a Model (1.8 Billion cells).  Per the API guide,, it reads I'll need to run a task for each export and get the data by chunks?  Is this the only way to get the metadata for a Model?    


  • Hi edithm,

    What exactly do you mean by metadata of a model?

  • All the data stored in the modules for a specific Model.  

  • @edithm 


    May I ask the question of why do want to do this?

  • For Business Intelligence.
  • @edithm ,


    If that is the case, then I would get a plan together to understand exactly what you need as you will not need the entire Anaplan model or 1.8 Billion cells (you most likely don't need historical data nor calculated/parent level data as well as all of the dimensions).  Based off that, then export modules can be put together (built) and you will be able to pull that data into your BI solution

  • You will have to create export actions in all the modules that you want to pull data from

    Use "Tabular Multiple Column" option to get the data in a consumable format as well as in the fastest way


    You can then programmatically extract all the data from a model by pointing the rest api at each of the export actions




  • Thanks for the recommendation, but from what I understand I will need to do the following to get the data:

    1. Post a task to run each export 

    2. Monitor that task until it's completed

    3. Get the lists for that task

    4. Get chunk IDs for each list

    5. Get detail data for each chunk ID