How to install APPs


Hi I'm Yugo.


I want to use new UX, Apps.


Q1: By using Apps, we can use Anaplan in Application?

Now, I use Anaplan in cloud.

and how to install Apps? 

I think I will install it in this site. But I cannot reach it.




Q2: How to use Apps.

I tried to use Apps in cloud.

But i can not use it because the liscence is not provided.

If the administrater permit the page builder role for me, can I use it?


my main goal is "Use Anaplan in application", so Question1 is important.




  • Hi @hyudolee 


    Q1: You need to have workspace, and you can visit and search categories and app what you want, 


    ex i want to download app cash flow 

    and after click download, app will be automatically add in your workspace


    If you want Add app in new ux you need to have access as Page Builder Role


    - Page Builder Role has the ability to add new apps. Only tenant administrators can assign the page builder role to users listed in the Access Control > Assignments screen of the Administration console.

    To assign the page builder role:

    1. Log in to Anaplan.
    2. Select Administration from the Application menu.
    3. Click Access Control > Assignments.
    4. Select the user.
    5. Select the Page Builder checkbox.
    6. Click Save

    Page builders can:

    • create, edit, duplicate and delete apps that represent business processes;
    • set up data views from Anaplan models;
    • configure boards and worksheets ;
    • use cards to build interactive pages with graphics; and
    • populate the card template library