New UX: Can Context Selectors Drive Parent Choices in Form Created List Members


Hi everyone,


I have a very specific new UX question around context selectors and their impacts on the UX.  I've created a list hierarchy with a numbered list at the bottom.  This numbered list represents something not unlike transactions.  I've created a form in the new UX to allow for creation of these new transactions, with the end user selecting the parent to be associated with that new transaction from the above mentioned hierarchy parent.


In addition, I've added a context selector on the page of the parent level of the list.  I'm wondering, is it possible to have the context selector for the page drive the choices I have for selecting a parent when I create a new list item?  Even further, can the parent I select in the context selector be set as the parent without the end user having to choose one?


For example, if I have a parent list called "Department" that consists of members A, B, C, D;  I would choose C in the context selector, and when I initiate the form to create a new list item under Department, whatever I create would automatically be created under "C" without me having to choose "C" from a parent dropdown.


Unfortunately I'm not allowed to use module based filtering for this assignment.  The filter MUST be a context selector which leads me to believe this isn't possible.


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks for all your collective time in advance.