Issue Importing on Code


Hello, I am having issues importing data between development models via saved view. The model is trying to import Activity and Account Categories based on Name (or line #), whereas we need it to import based on Code. I'm not sure why this is defaulting to import based on Name, since these Activities and Account Categories both have codes.

Anaplan Import Issue Code.png


  • Hi,


    Create 2 line items and apply the formula to bring codes of items of both the numbered lists into your module. 

    In your case.

    Line item 1 (Text formatted)- CODE(ITEM('Plan Active - Activity PM Project List'))

    Line Item 2 (Text formatted)- CODE(ITEM(Active Account Categories))


    After creating the line items containing the codes of items of both the numbered lists, Change the mapping from current line items with the names to Codes.


    You should also consider changing the 'Applies to' of both the line items with a specific list only. 


    In your case 

    Line Item 1, Applies to - Plan Active - Activity PM Project List

    Line Item 2, Applies to - Active Account Categories




  • @cpaterso ,


    Those #numbers are not the real code for those members, but pointers from a numbered list.  You should create line items in the module defining the code of those members.  Also, on the view, you should filter out any parent level information (Cost Center Total) so you don't get warnings or errors.



  • Ok that helps - but once I add those, how do I pivot the saved view in the source model to map to those code line items? Since the codes for Activity, Account Category, and Plan lives in line items now, I'm not sure how it will recognize those items to map correctly into the end model.