SYSY03 Account>Product Details (L3)


In my SYS03 Account>Product Details module, I can't seem to populate my P2 Product. Everything I have tried returns a blank - doesn't show any data. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. 


I've tried to getting the ITEM('P2 Product) = shows nothing. 





  • Your line item is both formatted as P2 Product and applies to P2 Product. As the dimensionality differs from the module you only see values via a subsidiary view. Perhaps the applies to should be reset to the module default?

  • I did that already. Still it shows a blank value.

  • Does the "A2 Account>Product#" list have a property that the formula can reference?

  • @ben_speight , Yes it does. I've tried referencing the display name from the Accounts>Product# list - nothing shows up. still blank. 



    I've even tried getting a string of the product code from the combination of account & product code to see if I can match/map on those. Nothing shows up. P2 Product remains blank. 

  • Using lookup with a display name sounds very fishy. How is that display name calculated?

  • @ben_speight there's no calculation to the display name. it's just text-formatted.  

  • In that case would it make more sense if your Product line item wasn't calculated but the display name was calculated using it?

    If populating it is a one-off operation perhaps an import could be used.