Input data in a module published in a dashboard


I created a module with subset list as row and column line item named as assumption methods.


Row Subset list are expense accounts while column line item are assumption methods e.g average YTD actual periods data , escalate YTD actual periods data or Input fixed amount


I would like my module when published to dashboard to list down all expenses as rows and on the column  for each expense will have drop down list which will show the 3 assumption methods.  User will select what assumption method to use for each expense.


Then on the 2nd column i would like to reflect the Base amount for average or escalation methods which will pull data from an existing module and 3rd column will be input of fixed amount if that was chosen as method.



Another way is to reflect all assumption methods as columns 1 to 3 then theres checkbox which can be ticked if it will be chosen and it is not allowed to tick more than 1 box.


How can i do this? Thanks.





  • @FayePrima18,


    if I understand, you would like to dynamically select line items on the dashboard.


    Have you tried to filter on line-item using the Line item subset (works only for number format line item)?


    Publish the line item subset module in the dashboard for user selection.









  • Yes, this can be achieved.

    Create a list for your assumption methods and format the line item for the list. This will create a pick list for the line item and allow the user to select the appropriate method from a drop-down menu.

    The formula for the calculation will need to be able to distinguish which calculation method has been chosen.

    I would create a calculation module including the new methods list. Create line items for each method, write the formula for each calculation and sum these into a total line item. 

    In the target module reference your calculation using the total line item and lookup against the pick list selection to define which method is pulled through into the target.