Level 2 Create Saved View for DAT03 Module - summary method

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I'm on Level 2 Create Saved View for DAT03 Module, and I have Monthly subtotals in my saved view and I can't see how to get rid of them.  Other than that my saved view matches the requirement.  Here is the requirement screen shot:


requirement screen shot.png

And here is my screen shot:


my screen shot.png


There is a hint in the activity about which summary method should be used, but i haven't been able to see the solution yet. Can anyone give me a hint on how i can remove the monthly subtotals that i'm showing?


Thanks in advance.





  • einas.ibrahim
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    Hello @pmorgan 


    one of the summary methods is None. Which means Anaplan won’t aggregate the values of a lower level. 
    In your case, it seems that a summary method for time (months value) is not needed, therefore you should change the summary method to “None”

  • pmorgan
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    @einas.ibrahim  When I go to BP mode and change the summary method to none, everything goes away:




    I get this:


    gone away.png


    I tried every permutation involving none in the summary method column of this line item and none of them are giving me the desired result of just eliminating the monthly totals.  By the way, if it helps shed any light here is what the filter looks like that i'm using on this saved view:



    Am I supposed be using a formula to hide the sub-totals?




  • pmorgan
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    That is a great explanation. Thank you for the additional insight!
  • JagBrar
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    I am having the same problem as identified as above, and the solutions provided don't seem to solve the issue. The summary selection for time in the module is set to none :



    That setting removes the totals for the months:




    when I apply the following filter, all values disappear: 






    @einas.ibrahim your solution implies something is wrong with the way I am setting up the filter, but I can't figure out what. 

  • JagBrar
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    I think it might have been some kind of background refresh issue. I was able to resolve the issue by closing the web-browser and signing back into Anaplan to try again, the settings I posted above worked. 

  • einas.ibrahim
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    I'm glad you resolved the issue. I'd like to clarify something for future reference though
    1. There are 2 components in every Summary; Summary over the List dimension and another is Summary over Time Dimention. When you have the summary set to "Sum. Time : NONE" that means 2 things:

    1. The line Item  (Volume) values will be summed over the Line Item Dimension - which is P3 SKU and Account (if I remember correctly) that's why if you scroll down in the list you will see the Volume values summed at every parent level.
    2. The line item (Volume) values will NOT be summarized over time, That's why the values in the month column do not appear (Same for Quarters, Half years, and Full year)

    Sometimes the summary methods are a bit confusing.

    Now, let's talk about the filter.
    The filter I see on the screenshot you provided basically translates to the following:
    Show me only SKU and Account combination where :

    1. Volume is not equal to zero
    2. For the Time Period FY19


    Since we applied the time summary method to NONE then the value in the column FY19 is technically 0 (not there) and that's why no data is returned because there is no record that meets the filter condition provided.

    I hope this is helpful, not necessarily for the purpose of the training but for general Anaplan knowledge. 😊
    Good Luck

  • dasstienn
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    I am having the same issue with the filter. Can you please provide more information on how to solve it?

  • dasstienn
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    Ok, I just solved it. I chose another Module (?Has data) and applied the filter there.
  • sumeyyeakin
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    This helped me a lot! Thanks @pmorgan 

  • pradeeparama
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    Is it possible to show the screenshots of the Filter settings and the Summary settings screen, Please ?
  • cuneydyasin
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    Deleting and re-applying the filter worked. Thanks. I have no idea that creates a problem though.

  • RavinderB
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    Two things to advise here:


    Set the summary method to none, which remove the aggregated total for the line item 


    Use a Boolean filter to remove sparsity in the module, so you just see data in the module 







  • CommunityMember120448
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    Hi, Are we required to put in a filter for each of the weeks?

    i.e. having to set up 52 filters?

    Because if I set the SUM to none, and select the FY19 filter, the entire data goes away..


  • CommunityMember120448
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    SO if we make Time Summary to None, does that mean we have to put in 52 filters (1 for each week) to make the report look correct??
  • CommunityMember120448
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    Thank you!! This is the one!

  • hana7270
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  • Interesting solution.
    When we select "Time: FY 19" it removes all values.
    When we select "Time: Week 1 FY 19" it doesn't remove values. That is to say, Sum, Time: None and filtering work together…

    I think selecting "Time: Week 1 FY 19" means filtering for all weeks not only for week 1. Thus, it works.
    @einas.ibrahim is my last comment, right?