Level 1 Lesson 12 Formatting



It is about formatting the appearance of Totals.  When I click on Totals option in the module it takes me to a window where there are a couple of options for the appearance of totals in the module.  But all of it seems to apply to rows.  I am just curious to know whether you can format the total columns in the same way? For example year 19 total column to appear either before January or after December ?   Say the total for year 19 usually is after December 19, can you have the total column for 19 before January right at the beginning?





  • @ThiruT 


    There is an option of positioning within a module (Icon displaying lines horizontally) where you get four diff options. You can choose one i.e., Group at start which will pull all parents in the beginning of your time periods.


    Alternatively, you can ctrl+ click on time periods in a sequential manner( the way you want it to display - FY 19 first and then the months) and then right click and Show. But I won't recommend this because it is all manual and has to be maintained every time the time scale changes in rollover process.

  • Thank you.  I will try the option